Web Design & Web Services Specialist

Meet Brandon

Business professional with a track record of helping deliver projects on time and with results; Identifying and overcoming problems on the fly; Melding varied opinions and solutions into one cohesive, functioning solution; and targeting areas of opportunity within complex research.

Over the past decade he’s gained valuable experience working in the newsletter industry with leading publisher Agora Inc.  This has offered him the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the copy-writing profession, manage a million dollar Adwords account, write sales letters, lead generation letters, space ads, email marketing and web design best practices.

Trained by industry leader Agora publishing—with a strong business background and the ability to seamlessly work with  in house team to help you reach your companies goals. Working at Agora gave insight into working for large corporations and shepherding projects from start to finish. From having to work inherently through various levels of management to the legal process to managing large scale team projects.

For much of this time, Brandon has also been immersed in the world of web design.  Starting as a part time job in university, Brandon has designed web sites for businesses across all of South Florida.  He has a knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript.  Armed now with over a decades worth of experience, Brandon has chosen to focus on the WordPress platform, and master its design capacities to help his clients reach their online goals.  We feel that it is the best platform for clients and developers alike.  With the move to an emphasis on mobile, WordPress provides a great way to deliver a mobile web experience for your site visitors.

With well over 200 sites built, Brandon is confident in his ability to deliver a website you, maintain the server, give you a monthly maintenance plan to suit your needs.

Meet Karen

Karen boasts an incredible 30+ years in the business world.  For over 20 years she ran her own multi-million dollar computer consulting firm that dealt directly with Fortune 500 companies and some of the most recognizable names across many different industries.

Looking for a new challenge, Karen changed industries and locations. Relocating to South Florida and diving head first into the computer side of things, and served as an IT Executive for many years.

Her experience spans many aspects of Web based, E-commerce, Business Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, System Design, Software Engineering, Implementation, Technical Support, Conversions, Integrations, Course-ware Creation, and Training.

In 2010 Karen and Brandon decided to service the South Florida business community by creating and maintaining their digital presence.