Disney’s Lab Builds Buttons That Work By Manipulating Soundwaves Rather Than Electricity

 I’m a fan of Disney’s research labs. Meant largely to help Disney discover new ways to innovate in their parks and products, it’s a seemingly endless stream of crazy thinking. Much of what they build and share is really, really cool, but hard to imagine being used by anyone outside of Disney. This crazy robot that draws massive pictures on the beach? It’s cool as heck,… Read More Read more »

Edgee Finds Space Between A Blog And A Tweet

 Berlin-based startup edgee reckons it’s spotted a vacant space in the crowded social media parking lot for a new digital content format designed to sit between the expertise and effort of writing a blog post, and the brevity and flightiness of a tweet. Read More Read more »

Facebook, eBay, Vice News And Others First To Support Chrome’s New Push Notifications

 With last week’s release of an updated version of the Chrome browser for Android, Google debuted a new feature that will allow websites to engage with mobile users by way of push notifications, making websites more competitive with native apps. Now we know which websites will be among the first to support Chrome push notifications on web and mobile, thanks to additional… Read More Read more »

How Facebook’s React Native Will Change Mobile Apps

 Facebook just open-sourced its React Native framework for building mobile apps. React Native promises to let developers write JavaScript while still delivering a real native user interface. That’s a description that might cause non-technical readers to shrug, but I believe this announcement has some profound implications. React Native will soon transform the entire mobile app… Read More Read more »

Groupon Sells 46% Of Korea’s Ticket Monster To KKR Consortium For $360M

 The long-running question mark over Groupon’s ownership of Ticket Monster has been resolved. Today the company announced that it is selling a controlling stake in the Korean online shopping platform to a consortium that includes Anchor Equity Partners, KKR and TMON management. The group is taking a 46% of the company for $360 million, valuing Ticket Monster at $782 million, assuming… Read More Read more »

Clickjackers: Inside The Strange New World Of Modern Spyware

 On the surface, the extension (which is currently reading as malware according to most virus scanners and is effectively dead) brings up pop-ups as you browse. However, if you’re an affiliate marketer – essentially a website creator who makes money by sending customers to pages like booking.com or brazzers.com – you would find lots to hate about WeLikeTheWeb’s… Read More Read more »

Fly Or Die: HTC One M9


The HTC One M9 isn’t all that different from its predecessor the M8 — it still has a premium though relatively thick design, but it upgrades in the camera department as well as in general processing speed. But does it stand out? Biggs feels that the One M9 isn’t suited for the current competitive landscape, given the recent release of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge —… Read More Read more »

We Need To Get The Internet Of Things Right

 Nowadays, it seems that everything is connected to the Internet. There are connected socks, shoes, shirts, hats, glasses, appliances, beds, homes, drones, cars, and even diapers. Yet, for the Internet of Things (IoT) to play a key role in shaping our future, we need to get a few thingsright. The statement, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” has never… Read More Read more »

The Unbundling Of Everything

 We’ve been living in a bundled world. ESPN packaged with Nickelodeon, healthcare tied to employers, learning wrapped up in colleges and degree programs. We’ve grown up surrounded by so many bundled products and services that it’s easy to become blind to the flexibility and value presented by unbundling. Read More Read more »