Chinese Companies Delisting from U.S. Indices? Maybe Not

 It was the big story not so long ago. As of mid-June, 14 U.S.-traded China-based companies had received buyout offers valued at a collective $22.4 billion, according to Dealogic. The highest profile of the bunch was Internet services provider Qihoo 360, which, several weeks ago, announced it had received a buyout offer led by its chairman and CEO — one that would make it the… Read More Read more »

B2B E-Commerce Service Bizzy Launches In Indonesia With $2.5M In Funding

 Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant and upcoming e-commerce markets, welcomes a new entrant today after Bizzy, a B2B-focused marketplace, officially opened its service in the country. Read More Read more »

Facebook Tests Features That Make Sharing GIFs In Messenger Easier Than Ever

 Facebook really wants you to use GIFs inside Messenger. The company recently unleashed a series of GIF apps from third-parties which work inside Messenger — as part of its Messenger platform initiative — but it is now going beyond that with a series of pilots that bring GIFs right into Messenger without those apps. Read More Read more »

How Old-School Management Kills Work Culture

 Early in my career, I had an encounter with a senior leader that left such a vivid impression on me that I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It was our first meeting as manager-employee. We were less than five minutes into our conversation when he abruptly and sharply interrupted, “Wait, is your chair higher than mine?” Read More Read more »

DIY Disruption Is The Easiest Way To Innovate

 Last month I attended the Collision conference in Las Vegas; it served up a hipster/music festival feel with a decidedly tech twist. The event welcomed old-school headliners like PayPal, Dropbox and Facebook, but also brought in hundreds of tech startups, from cloud management vendor CloudBolt to MedYear, a consumer health information exchange platform. The vibe was electric. Read More Read more »

How To Not Post Crappy Pics Of Fireworks This Fourth Of July

The temptation will be great. The urge will be strong. Watching sky-based explosions, geared toward entertainment and celebration, can be a powerful experience. And in the Instagram Age, the powerful experiences are the ones we want to share. But the July 5th edition of Instagram usually sucks pretty hard, based mostly on blurry, drunkenly captured photos of fireworks. This guide should help… Read More Read more »

Arcade Dreams

 Summer always makes me think of the 7-11 at the end of East Lakeview in Columbus, Ohio. I was about eight. My grandmother took us there every week to get comic books, which were near the front window, by the counter. In the back corner, in darkness, was a Star Wars stand up arcade game. On the day it first appeared it bleated a snippet of the Star Wars theme and my ears perked up. It took a… Read More Read more »

This Saturday On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Amazon Echo

 I could lie and tell you that we recorded a special July 4th edition of the TC Gadgets Podcast, but it wouldn’t be accurate. In reality, we recorded this podcast over a week ago and I accidentally forgot to push the publish button. But the content still exists, so I felt strongly about sharing it with you guys. In this episode, we talk about the freshly released Amazon Echo, which is… Read More Read more »

Coney Island crowns new hot dog-eating champ in monumental upset


UPDATED 1 p.m. ET NEW YORK — Joey Chestnut gave it all he had, but it simply wasn't enough in Saturday's Coney Island hot dog-eating contest. Matt Stonie, who placed second last year, won by downing 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Chestnut ate 60. For the past eight years, Chestnut has reigned supreme in the East Coast competition. Last year, he ate 61 to win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. See also: New York City joins global race for the world's tallest Ferris wheel Chestnut set the all-time hot dog-eating record on Coney Island in 2013, eating 69 hot dogs in the 10-minute food fest. That record, at least, remains unbroken — we'll have to wait until next year to see if someone can eat 70 Read more »

The Incredible 3D Printed Zoetrope

 Here’s a wonderfully neat project to perhaps spark some creativity as we head into this holiday weekend: the 3D printed Zoetrope. Take the concept of a flipbook — a series of frames displayed quickly to trick your brain into seeing an animation — and make it 3D, swapping out the still images for sculptures. Toss in a spinning platter and a strobe light (with the strobe… Read More Read more »