Netflix Is Letting A Number Of Hollywood Movies Go In Order To Focus On Exclusives

 Neflix is bidding adieu to a slew of top Hollywood films from Epix as it continues to focus on hosting exclusive content on its service. As joint venture between MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment and Viacom’s Paramount, Epix is a big name in the industry. Read More Read more »

Giffiti Jazzes Up Photos With GIFs

 In the ever-escalating social media arms race, GIFs are the best way to get attention. Static photos are so 2013. But a new app called Giffiti (like graffiti with GIFs) lets you enhance your pics by overlaying animations.  Announced by Nalin Mittal this month with a simple post on Reddit, Giffiti rocketed to the front page and hit #14 amongst U.S. Entertainment apps on… Read More Read more »

Behold, a cyst draining so intense it startles the doctor


Doctors have seen a lot of gross stuff. So when one jumps back in surprise during a procedure, we should all take note. This cyst had been growing for three months on a patient's leg before he went in to have it drained. As is customary, the doctor cleans the growth and prepares to puncture it — but the cyst just can't wait to get started! If you love the thrill and satisfaction of popping lesions, this is the video for you. If not, please move on to cuter horizons . Clumsy lion takes a tumble while trying to cross a waterfall Sarah Palin basically gave Donald Trump a fist bump during TV interview This drone-assisted toy Superman is protecting the skies of London Wait, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer danced onstage together at a Billy Joel concert? Read more... Read more »

Twitter: We’re Upping Our Female Employees to 35 Percent in 2016 (Along With Other Changes)

 Like a lot of tech companies in Silicon Valley, Twitter last year published numbers about the different backgrounds and cultures of its employees, and its numbers were revealed to be rather white and very male. Specifically, as of last July, 70 percent of its employees were men, and 72 percent of its managers were white. Mother Jones called the numbers “embarrassing.” Twitter… Read More Read more »

Today Is The Final Day To Save $1,000 On Disrupt SF Tickets

 After a one-week extension, today is the absolute last day to get your early-bird tickets to Disrupt SF 2015, so if you want to secure your spot to the hottest show in tech while saving a serious amount of cash in the process, be sure to get your tickets now. Read More Read more »

Android Wear Device Supports iOS, Per This Pre-Order Page

 Apple Watch not for you? The Amazon preorder page for the Huawei Watch states that the device will support iOS. Now, at this point, it’s unclear if this is a typo or unreleased information — let’s hope it’s the latter. So far iPhone owners have had a limited amount of smartwatches to choose from, say just the Apple Watch and Pebble devices. Likewise, there are dozens… Read More Read more »

ReBoard Is An iOS Keyboard With Third-Party App Shortcuts

 ReBoard is a just launched iOS keyboard app from an indie dev team in India that’s targeting productivity-focused folk, by adding the ability to reach out to other apps right from the keyboard. So instead of having to double tap out of whatever messaging app you’re using to go hunt for that YouTube link, for instance, you can do a look up right from the keyboard. Read More Read more »

Remember That Time That Company Changed That Thing?

 People don’t like change. We just don’t. Especially when it comes to our favorite sites or apps. When you move our cheese we get confused and angry. In fact, Facebook can’t do anything without a group of people raging about it. Sure, change isn’t always bad, but in the case of these 10 situations, it was pretty bad. Read More Read more »

Female Funders Launches, Challenging 1,000 Women To Become Angel Investors

 Looking to build a bridge over the technology industry’s (and the technology investment industry more specifically) chasm-sized gender gap, a group of successful women entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives have launched Female Funders — a site dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to begin angel investing. The site’s launch comes with a… Read More Read more »

Former Facebook And Instagram Marketer Eric Edge Joins Photo Startup PicsArt

 PicsArt is announcing that it has hired Eric Edge as its vice president of marketing. Edge spent the last four-plus years at Facebook (where he led the company’s marketing efforts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa), then at Facebook-owned Instagram (where he worked on brand strategy). He told me he hadn’t been planning to leave, but when he learned about PicsArt, he thought it… Read More Read more »