In Wake Of Apple Music, SoundCloud Update Focuses On Music Discovery, Better User Experience

 All the buzz this week may be about the launch of Apple Music, but another popular streaming music application, SoundCloud, has also now rolled out a notable update to its mobile application. The update – which delivers new features including related tracks, shuffle, direct playlist editing, and more – is aimed at both improving music discovery and the overall user experience.… Read More Read more »

Welcome Drew Olanoff (Back) To TechCrunch

TechCrunch has an unofficial tradition of welcoming people back into the fold. We like to think that they go out into the cold, realize how warm and toasty it is by our fire and want to get themselves some more of that. Today, we’re continuing the tradition by welcoming back Drew Olanoff to TechCrunch as a Senior Writer. I worked with Drew previously at The Next Web, where he wrote some… Read More Read more »

After Backlash Over Upgrade, Flickr Considers Letting Users Opt-Out Of Auto-Tagging

 Not everyone was happy with last week’s major revamp of Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site Flickr. A small, but very vocal, portion of Flickr’s user base of 100 million members, immediately took to the forums to lament the fact that the site’s new “auto-tagging” feature was enabled by default, and, worse, that there was no opt-out option provided. But that may now… Read More Read more »

Yahoo Researchers Use A Phone’s Touchscreen To Scan The Ear Like A Fingerprint

 What if your phone could let you — and only you — answer an incoming call, no thumb print/PIN/swipe gesture required? Instead of a finger, it’d gauge the shape of your ear; instead of a fingerprint sensor, it’d use the touchscreen your phone already has built-in. That’s the idea behind Bodyprint, a new concept out of Yahoo’s research labs. Read More Read more »

Yahoo Calls In Advisors To Weigh The Future Of Its 35.5%, $9B Stake In Yahoo Japan

 During a video stream discussing Yahoo’s Q1 earnings today, CEO Marissa Mayer noted that Yahoo has closed down 17 offices since she joined the company as part of a wider efficiency strategy. And it looks like Yahoo is eyeing up one more big change in its international profile: the company has retained advisors to decide what to do with its 35.5% stake in Yahoo Japan, a longtime… Read More Read more »

Yahoo Slips 2% On Lower-Than-Expected Q1 Net Revenue, Adjusted Profit

 After the bell, Yahoo reported its first-quarter financial performance, including $1.04 billion in revenue after discounting for traffic costs (ex-TAC) and adjusted earnings per share of $0.15. The street had expected Yahoo to earn $0.18 per share on revenue of $1.06 billion. Yahoo’s ex-TAC revenue shrunk from the year-ago period by around 4 percent. The company’s adjusted profit… Read More Read more »

Etsy Closes Up 86 Percent On First Day Of Trading

 It turns out Wall Street investors like those homespun crafts. Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, went public today. Shares opened at $31 on the NASDAQ, popping up 94 percent from the initial set price of $16 per share. The company closed its first day of trading at $30 per share, an 86% percent rise from its initial price. Read More Read more »

Now Is The Perfect Time To Be A Female Entrepreneur

 In Silicon Valley, the percentage of women starting technology companies is astronomically low, at a rate around 3 percent. Of privately held companies, only 6.5 percent have a female CEO, and 1.3 percent have a female founder. How is this the case, when women are earning more than half of all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees for the first time in history? Read More Read more »

Ad Tech And Mobile In Focus In Microsoft And Yahoo’s Renewed Search Deal

 After months of negotiations, Microsoft and Yahoo today finally announced a renewed search alliance, which includes amendments to the two companies’ earlier partnership. It will give Yahoo more flexibility in terms of how it’s able to monetize its search traffic and includes changes to the two companies’ ads salesforces. Yahoo will continue to serve Bing ads and search… Read More Read more »