Vimeo acquires VHX to boost its video-on-demand business


 Vimeo, which has been moving over the past several months to further invest in its original content and creator community, announced this morning it has acquired VHX, a company providing a platform for premium over-the-top subscription (OTT) video channels. Deal terms were not revealed, but Vimeo will bring on the entire 22-person VHX team, including co-founders and a large number of biz… Read More Read more »

See London Light Up in This Stunning Time-lapse Video


Although London is famous for its foggy weather, you wouldn't know it based on this stunning time-lapse video of the city's sunny days and shimmering nights Paul Richardson, the photographer behind the above clip, writes that it took 18,000 photographs to create a rough cut of his time-lapse video, according to a description on Vimeo See also: This Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Was Captured in GTA V "Whenever I visit London, I'm always surprised by the true 24/7 nature of the city; it really is a place that never sleeps," he says. "That was exactly what I wanted to capture, the 'hustle and bustle' of everyday life." Read more... More about Vimeo , Viral Video , Time Lapse , Watercooler , and Videos Read more »

Social Experiment Asks: What’s the Last Photo on Your Phone?


In our digital world, smartphones have become an extension of ourselves in that they contain personal information we may or may not want to share with others. See also: Proof That Every Tech Ad Is Exactly the Same Interactive artist Ivan Cash explores this connection in a new series of social experiments, the latest of which asks random people to share the story behind the last photos they took on their phones. The resulting video is funny and heart-warming, as total strangers open up to Cash about their personal lives Cash told Mashable that the inspiration for this series came from his interest in technology's ability to connect people but also, in doing so, limit their abilities to form certain connections. Read more... More about Viral Videos , Vimeo , Watercooler , Videos , and Ivan Cash Read more »

Viral Videos May Endanger Cute Animals


In early 2009, a man in St. Petersburg, Russia uploaded a video onto Vimeo and YouTube in which he tickles his pet pygmy slow loris — a small, threatened Asian primate. The footage quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and thousands of comments. But videos like this one, of "cute" exotic species, may be fueling the illegal pet trade of the animals — pushing them towards extinction, new research suggests. Researchers analyzed the public's perception of slow lorises (Nycticebus) by perusing more than 12,000 YouTube comments posted over a three-year period in response to the tickling slow loris video. Read more »

Apple Mountain Lion Embraces Flickr and Vimeo Sharing

Apple , which embraced Twitter in its iOS5 update last year, is expanding the palette of social sharing options with two new partners — Flickr and Vimeo — in the company’s latest operating-system upgrade, Mountain Lion. Users of the OS upgrade, also known as Mac OS X: Version 10.8, will see a new option in many apps called Share Sheet. Share Sheet lets you share photos, videos and links across your apps. Read more »

Vimeo Brings New Apps to Android, Windows Phone and iPad

LAS VEGAS — Just in time for the newest crop of tablets and smartphones at CES 2012 , Vimeo is making its mobile app available for Android and Windows Phone . The Android and Windows Phone apps come nearly a year after Vimeo released its first mobile app, Vimeo for iPhone . Read more »

Man Uses Internet Memes for Marriage Proposal [VIDEO]

Like a boss, a man recently interrupted his girlfriend’s dinner to propose to her with Internet memes. Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam sneaked up on his long-time love interest Audrey Ooi Feng Ling at Neroteca, a restaurant in Malaysia, and began showing her poster-sized printed memes such as Socially Awkward Penguin, Y U NO Guy, Victory Baby and Impossibru. Her initial reaction as the man she calls “Fatty” flipped through the first few meme posters: “Oh god please don’t let this be a break up WTF,” she said in an entertaining blog post days after the proposal. Read more »