FwdForce faces an uphill battle in trying to make crowdfunding more accountable


 One of the big challenges with crowdfunding is that once the campaign ends, most crowdfunding platforms wash their hands of the process from there on. FwdForce does things differently. It lets anybody submit a pitch for a product they want, and establishes checks and balances to the prototyping and production process. The company says its model will make things more accountable for the backers. Read More Read more »

Meet The Nominees For The 9th Annual Crunchies Awards


 The 9th Annual Crunchies are almost here. On February 8, pioneering tech startups, entrepreneurs and investors will make their way to San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House for what we like to call the Oscars of startups and technology. They’ll be hoping to win a Crunchie award in one these 12 categories. Read More Read more »

Wired For Extremes

 Chris McNamara stood at the overhang of what would be his final wingsuit BASE jump (parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure: building, antenna, span and Earth). A 1,500-foot drop was a conservative risk in a community that saw around 30 deaths last year. “After I took flight I had never realized how much physical strength was required in wingsuit BASE. I wasn’t nervous… Read More Read more »

The Berlin Startup Ecosystem Needs An IPO In The U.S.

 On the heels of Microsoft’s acquisition of the Berlin startup darling 6Wunderkinder for a price between $100 and $200 million, the debate rages on about whether Berlin startups should be bolder and wait longer for an exit. The consensus in the Berlin startup ecosystem is that we are still missing one extraordinarily big success. Read More Read more »

5 unwritten rules for workplace etiquette in a lax company culture


Corporate offices have come a long way from the days of strict dress codes, awkward parties with bad cake and cubicles as far as the eye can see. We’ve shed these relics along with our fax machines and CD-ROMs, trading cookie-cutter professionalism for corporate cultures that foster individuality, freedom and creativity From open workspaces and relaxed dress codes to flexible schedules and impromptu meetings, today’s offices allow employees to work as they please. Some of the world’s biggest companies — Apple , Google and Facebook among them — prove that it doesn’t matter if million-dollar ideas happen at your desk, in a hammock or over a ping pong game with your HR director Read more... More about Startup , Company Culture , Job Search Series , Business , and Startups Read more »

Quirky, Mophie Founder Launches Wink for Smart Home Automation


Serial tech entrepreneur Ben Kaufman — the founder of Quirky , a New York-based startup that helps turn tech ideas into real products, and the popular Mophie iPhone case — is getting into the smart home space. Kaufman is launching a separate standalone operation called Wink that will bring smart household items — think web-connected lights, refrigerators, thermostats and so on — onto a small network that can be controlled and monitored with just one app. This means you can lock the front door, close the blinds and lower the temperature all within the Wink app. The move was first reported by the New York Times . Read more... More about Mobile , Startup , Apps , Quirky , and Tech Read more »

Want to Work for a Startup? 10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer


In startups especially, job interviews are just as much for the interviewee as they are for the interviewer. Because there is often a lot at stake for a new company, it's wise to ask where you will fit in among founders and first hires — and how you can make a direct impact on the company's success. That's why I asked 10 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what questions they would pose for an interviewer at a startup. Here's what they had to say: 1. What one thing must be done? I would ask what one thing must be accomplished for the startup to succeed. There are two reasons to ask this: It will determine if they have a clear, focused vision, and it will give you a sense of how your job should be aligned with that goal Read more »

The New Mac Pro: A Love Story


The new Mac Pro is a beautiful machine. Gone is the old, bulky tower of a body, and in its place is a gorgeously simple cylinder shape, with a gloss finish and curved edges your fingers will want to caress. But Apple 's new starlet is a little more selective than you might think about who gets to configure her startup disk. So, who is good enough for Mac Pro? Is she looking for a classic egghead type, or someone who has the apps that can challenge her? See also: Technostalgia: 20 Misty Memories of Personal Computing Several suiters are vying for her eight-core 3.0GHz heart. Read more »

‘I Bought My Own Desk Off Craigslist’: 10 Startup Employees Recount the Early Days


As part of our new series, the First 100 , Mashable is introducing readers to the first 100 employees from 100 different successful startups and small businesses. Last week, we heard from employees 11 through 20 , and this week, we'll take a peek inside the journeys of employees 21 through 30 Though their companies range from major digital media brands to website hosting platforms, employees 21 through 30 share similar lessons about going above and beyond one's job description and being adaptable as startups grow and evolve. "If you want something, you work your ass off to show everyone else that you deserve it," says Carrot Creative's 21st hire, Kathryn Farwell . Read more... More about Startup , Business , Careers , Company Culture , and Small Business Read more »

Where’s the Best Place to Launch Your Startup?


SaaS and app startups can literally be anywhere in the world. With the cloud, both sales and support functions are virtual — a top-notch software company no longer needs a large local sales force to sell its product via tons of in-person meetings. This opens up the possibility of launching your startup anywhere from Bozeman, Mont., to Tampa, Fla. To find the best entrepreneurial hotspot these days, you might look at the top locations for venture capital investments or where the cost of living is lowest. But where’s the best place for you to launch your startup? See also: 7 Design Tips for a More Productive Office Read more... More about Startups , Features , Business , Small Business , and Contributor Read more »