Angelina Jolie tells children of the world that being ‘different is good’


Angelina Jolie stole the show at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday night, when she delivered a heartwarming speech to children around the world Jolie won the award for Favorite Villain for her title role in the Disney film Maleficent . After hugging Shiloh and Zahara, the actress' two children who joined her in the audience at the award show, Jolie took the stage to accept her award. See also: 13-year-old girl with autism gives Weird Al a run for his money in inspiring duet "Thank you so much to all the kids who voted. I want to say when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told I was different. And I felt out of place and too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in," she said in her speech. Read more »

Mobile Marketing Trends To Follow From The Israeli Elections

 The impact of mobile and social media on every aspect of our lives is nothing new, but certain events can really shine a light on how mobile has changed our way of conduct. The presidential elections do just that. During the 2012 elections, mobile was already at the center of everything, but the smartphone industry was relatively in its diapers and smartphone shipment has since grown by… Read More Read more »

New security camera video emerges of Manhattan building exploding


Security camera footage has surfaced of the explosion that rocked Manhattan's East Village on Thursday. A resulting seven-alarm fire demolished three buildings and injured at least 22 people, four of them critically. At least two people are still missing. See also: Explosion and fire destroy building in Manhattan's East Village, injuring 12 The 40-second video clip, which ABC 7 obtained from a local business, depicts a relatively quiet afternoon with people chatting and the occasional car driving by, before a powerful explosion tears through an apartment building and sends debris flying across the street. Read more... More about Explosion , Fire , Manhattan , Us World , and Us Read more »

Sriracha-infused food line: Your taste buds will never be the same


Sriracha junkies, let your taste buds rejoice. Huy Fong is upping the ways you can consume their signature hot sauce. The California-based sriracha manufacturer announced a partnership with Pop! Gourmet Foods that would give life to the chili and garlic paste outside of the hot sauce bottle. See also: 27 Foods That Hooked Up and Made Delicious Babies Sriracha Mayo, Hummus and Croutons Image: Pop! Gourmet Foods The Seattle gourmet popcorn company plans to bring Huy Fong's signature sriracha flavors to potato chips, ketchup, mayonnaise, hummus, croutons, tortilla chips and even a dehydrated powder That's right, sriracha sprinkle . The general concept of food just got a whole lot better. Read more... More about Watercooler , Food , and Sriracha Read more »

Coding and creativity could conquer the digital divide


LONDON — Technology has an image problem. That's what Belinda Parmar, CEO and founder of Little Miss Geek and Lady Geek, said in a panel at the +SocialGood UK conference in London on Friday. See also: Ironically, offline Internet could help bridge the digital divide In conversation with Brothers for All cofounder Robyn Scott, Tech City UK CEO Gerard Grech, BT Group CEO Gavin Patterson and Mashable UK editor Blathnaid Healy, Parmar discussed the lack of girls in STEM, citing declining numbers of women in technology roles in both the U.S. and UK. "By their teenage years, girls in particular have made their choices," she said. "If you look at the studies, technology's boring." A 13-year-old girl once told Parmar she'd "rather be a garbage collector than work in technology." Read more... Read more »

Germanwings crash victims’ grieving families arrive in French village


Recovery efforts are underway in the rugged terrain of the French Alps on Friday, where French authorities say between 400 and 600 pieces of human remains have been recovered from the site of the Germanwings flight 9525 crash. All 150 people onboard were killed when the plane crashed into the mountainside on Tuesday en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf Three special flights from Germanwings and Lufthansa brought families and friends of the victims to Marseille on Friday morning, from Spain and Germany, the home countries of the majority of the victims. See also: German airlines say 2 people must be in cockpit at all times after Germanwings crash Read more... More about France , Germany , Us World , Germanwings , and Germanwings Crash Read more »

Vine Courts The Embed With High Res Video

 Vines just got bigger with a higher quality video upgrade today. A new post on the company blog announced a technical change that allows Vine users to upload the higher-resolution 720p HD video to the app. That’s a significant improvement from the 480p resolution. Video is increasingly viewed on mobile devices and across the web. Facebook rolled out the ability to embed video on other… Read More Read more »

How far in advance should you schedule a Meerkat?


Unfortunately, the question is a little like the proverbial "how long is a piece of string?" There are many possible factors when discussing Meerkat : your personal brand, your audience, the nature of the livestream. There is no correct answer for everyone. However, you can take a few things into consideration See also: 5 accessories to improve your crappy Meerkat videos Have a read through our suggestions of what to take into account if you're planning on scheduling a Meerkat. Then share your meerkatting tips in the comments below How to schedule It's pretty simple to set up a scheduled Meerkat. Simply enter a title for your broadcast, tap the "Schedule" option, set the time and add a photo. Read more... More about Mobile , Twitter , Apps , How To , and Features Read more »

Meerkat Strikes Back At Periscope With New Ways To Follow

 With Twitter’s much more polished live-streaming app Periscope now on the market, Meerkat needs to strengthen its own social graph to keep users from straying to its new competitor. So today Meerkat for iOS was updated with recommendations of people to follow, a way to follow people from inside streams, and ways to discover streams your friends like. It’s also trying to neutralize… Read More Read more »

Facebook Is Down For Many Users Right Now (Update: It’s Back!)

 Update: Service is now fully restored according to Facebook. Facebook has been down for at least an hour for some users, according to reports on social media and downrightnow. The outage has affected some but not all users of the platform, with an informal survey of TechCrunch staffers revealing that those outside the U.S. and attempting to connect via the desktop site are most likely to… Read More Read more »