Unboxing the Google OnHub Wi-Fi router that looks nothing like a router


Google's simple and expensive OnHub router just arrived at Mashable HQ. Of course, we tore it open gently to see what's inside. To my surprise, the cylindrical router is actually navy and not black. Its shape kind of resembles an Amazon Echo ; it even has a light ring at the top just like the Echo See also: Unboxing the Hero 4 Session, the smallest GoPro ever Is the dark cylinder design a new trend? It looks like it. The dark cylinder look is so in right now. Guess what I'm unboxing on @mashable ! Video soon. Read more »

Still cutting bread with a chainsaw? The best knife for your needs


Kitchens are pretty much legal torture chambers. Fire, knives and certain death lurk in every corner. To say nothing of the pressure to actually produce something delicious while trying to stay alive Never fear, The Basic Kitch is here. Simple techniques, step-by-step demos and a little Mashable twist to make sure you're paying attention See also: Sizzler has released the cheese bread recipe, it's going to be OK Premiere episode: Get out of here with your scissors and plastic forks Chainsaws might look cool but they get crumbs all over the place. Oh, and they could chop a limb off Step away from the cleaver and embrace your serrated knife Read more... More about Video , How To , Lifestyle , Home , and Food Read more »

7 workers at Chinese paper mill die from exposure to poisonous gases


BEIJING — Seven workers were killed and two injured after exposure to poisonous gases at a paper mill in central China, authorities said Saturday, in the latest in a spate of deadly accidents to strike the country involving dangerous chemicals. The accident occurred Friday after an employee fell into a pool filled with poisonous waste paper pulp during a cleaning operation, a statement from the Anxiang county government in Hunan province said. His co-workers rushed to help him but were overcome by the noxious gasses, the statement said. See also: The apocalyptic aftermath of the explosion in Tianjin, China Read more... More about China , Us World , Tianjin , Industrial Accidents , and Chemicals Read more »

Stanford football walk-on gets scholarship, reaction melts your heart


Walk-ons are the unheralded heroes of college sports , players who bust their tails in practice every day just like the big stars but never play any meaningful minutes and have to pay their own way through school This even holds true at Stanford, where undergraduate tuition alone (not counting living expenses) costs more than $45,000 per school year See also: College football returns: 7 dramatic storylines to suck you in Those two facts combined are what make the video below so special. Watch as David Shaw, coach of the 21st-ranked Cardinal, surprises senior walk-on Craig Jones — a 6 foot, 223-pound linebacker from Modesto — in front of the entire team by telling him he's being put on scholarship Read more... More about Football , College Sports , Stanford , Entertainment , and Sports Read more »

Antonio Banderas, fashion designer? We’ll bite.


You are never to old to start a career in fashion Antonio Banderas, 55, announced on his Instagram that he has started studying at Central St. Martins , a prestigious design school in London See also: New fashion museum to show off gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gowns The Zorro actor is enrolled in a short courses program that fits his schedule and ends before students begin in October, Jo Ortmans, the college's press officer, told the New York Times . The 2nd week of studies at Central St Martin begins. Intense, exciting, serious and fun all the same time. Comienza la segunda semana de estudios en Central Saint Martin (Londres). Intenso, excitante, serio y divertido al mismo tiempo Read more »

Judge’s Order To Shut Down NSA Phone Surveillance Reversed By Federal Appeals Court

 A federal appeals court has just ruled against a 2013 decision ordering the NSA to stop its bulk metadata collection program. The three-judge panel issued its ruling Friday, contending that conservative privacy activist Larry Klayman had not adequately argued the likeliness that his own data had been collected as a part of the metadata collection program. Judge Stephen Williams wrote… Read More Read more »

SocialBattles Is A Photo App For People Who Think Instagram Isn’t Competitive Enough

 Andre and Sandro De Moraes must really like to see people compete. The brothers previously created GoldMic, a now-defunct social network for hip hop battles. Now they’ve launched a new iOS app called SocialBattles, where users compete to post the most popular photos. Read More Read more »

Google’s App Search Results Now Look More Like An App Store

 Google has been working for some time to improve how it highlights mobile apps, and the data they contain, in its search results. And now, Android users performing Google searches for apps outside the Play Store will notice a big change in how apps are being presented in search results. Where before, apps were listed one-by-one with each app on its own line followed by a link to see… Read More Read more »

Uber Hires Security Researchers Behind That Crazy Jeep Hack

 Uber has hired the duo behind a spectacular hack earlier this year that involved taking remote control of a Jeep Cherokee. Wired writer Andy Greenberg experienced this firsthand. He wrote that he was driving on a St. Louis highway when Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek used a laptop 10 miles away to make the radio, air conditioning and windshield wipers go haywire. Then they cut the… Read More Read more »

‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ duo gives one last lesson before the finale


Quest Crew , Kinjaz , and Super Cr3w have all unlocked the secrets to some of their slickest moves for you as part of Mashable's how-to video series with America's Best Dance Crew But we may have saved the best for last See also: Learn a sick dance move, courtesy of Quest Crew In the final installment of the series, choreographers and co-executive producers Napoleon and Tabitha (a.k.a Nappy Tabs ) show off a killer sequence that's sure to impress — if you can pull it off Hope you've enjoyed Mash tering the moves. ( Pauses for applause. ) America’s Best Dance Crew: Road to the VMA's finale airs Saturday, August 29 at 10 p.m. on MTV Read more... More about Video , Mtv , Television , Dance , and How Tos Read more »