Cilla Black, famed British singer and TV host, has died at 72


Cilla Black, a famous British singer, died on Saturday at her home in Estepona, Spain. She was 72. Her death was announced on Sunday by Spanish police. See also: Dave Grohl responds to 1,000 rockers who played 'Learn to Fly' Black, who was born in Liverpool as Priscilla White, had a show business career that lasted around half a century Twitter users expressed condolences and remembered her for her talent PM: Cilla Black was a huge talent who made a significant contribution to public life in Britain. My thoughts are with her family. — UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) August 2, 2015 So sad to hear that Cilla Black has left gave us a "Lorra Lorra laughs" Cilla. RIP x x — Ruth Langsford (@RuthieeL) August 2, 2015 Read more.. Read more »

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho is not dead


Jericho, the brother of Cecil the lion, is in all likelihood alive and well, according to conservation workers in Zimbabwe. Trevor Lane, of the Bhejane Trust, a Zimbabwean conservation organization, confirmed to Mashable that as of two hours ago, Jericho was still moving around based on GPS signals coming from his tracking device. The GPS device sends a signal every hour. Lane said that he had spoken to the researchers at Oxford who are tracking Jericho. They said he was seen in the company of a lioness and the pair were presumed to be mating There is an ongoing investigation into the death of another lion in the park, which was killed in early July, Lane said, but that lion is not Jericho. Read more.. Read more »

Twitter also wants iOS users to ‘favorite’ tweets with hearts instead of stars


Some Android users since June have seen a small, but significant tweak to Twitter: more hearts and fewer stars. Now it's iOS users' turn The social network has begun rolling out an experimental feature to some iOS users that largely swaps out stars for hearts when users "favorite" or save tweets. However different users are seeing different things. For example, some report seeing hearts only in the Notifications area, while others are seeing the symbols pop up in their feeds, too See also: Exclusive: 7 Facebook Events features coming this year and beyond Even the heart symbols vary — they're either circled or standalone Read more... More about Mobile , Social , Twitter , Android , and Ios Read more »

Here’s The Latest Batch Of 500 Startups Companies

 500 Startups has unveiled its 14th batch of companies going through its accelerator. While Y Combinator is starting to roll out its own class in an upcoming Demo Day, a new one from 500 Startups is emerging — and increasingly, so is the race to be the earliest to invest in companies. Of course, that means that accelerators like 500 Startups — which has a portfolio of more than… Read More Read more »

Making the case to reopen college access for prisoners


US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch are expected to make a momentous announcement on Friday on  the experimental reopening of Pell grant eligibility  for some people in custody in federal correctional facilities. Federal Pell grants  provide money for college that, unlike loans, does not need to be repaid. Pell eligibility for prisoners was closed down in 1994, when then-President Bill Clinton  signed  what was arguably the toughest crime bill in the history of the United States. Soon thereafter, most college-in-prison programs closed their doors as well. The few that remained in operation during the intervening 21 years were able to do so only through their continuous efforts to raise funds from generous private donors and a handful of philanthropic foundations. Read more... More about Crime , College , Education , Us World , and Us Read more »

Lauryn Hill’s powerful Nina Simone cover will give you chills


Lauryn Hill stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday to sing Nina Simone's "Feeling Good," and her performance will make you feel everything . Hill recently recorded covers of some of Simone's music for Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone , an album released in conjunction with Netflix's documentary What Happened, Miss Simone . See also: 8 spellbinding documentaries you need to watch in 2015 The doc paints a portrait of the iconic singer and activist through archival footage and interviews with Simone's friends and family. Directed by Liz Garbus, it's currently available to stream Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more »

NASA confirms discovery of nearest rocky exoplanet to Earth so far


A NASA space telescope has just confirmed the discovery of a rocky alien world just 21 light-years from Earth, making it the nearest rocky exoplanet to our solar system yet found. The exoplanet (a label given to any planet outside the solar system) is called HD 219134b, and was first detected by scientists using the Galileo National Telescope in the Canary Islands NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope did follow-up observations confirming its existence See also: What Is an Exoplanet? Although it is our nearest rocky neighbor, it likely can't support life, according to NASA. The world orbits too close to its star to be habitable; it only takes about three days for the planet to orbit its star Read more... More about Nasa , Science , Us World , Us , and Exoplanet Read more »

‘Paper Towns’ author John Green weighs in on that Cara Delevingne interview


By now, Cara Delevingne's interview with Good Day Sacramento has become infamous From accidentally calling the actress/model by the wrong name ("Carla"), to commenting on how tired and disinterested she looked, the whole scenario turned from a strained Q&A about the movie Paper Towns to a straight-up debacle. Soon, the entire Internet was referring to the incident as " painfully awkward ." See also: Hard-to-watch Cara Delevingne interview combines missed sarcasm with awkward questions Plenty of outlets chose to voice an opinion on the interview, either siding with Delevingne against the news anchors, or calling her out as a spoiled brat. Even the women on The View were debating whether or not the actress was on her period when she gave the interview (yes, seriously ). Read more... More about Entertainment , Interview , Movies , Film , and Watercooler Read more »

Baby-Making App Glow Gets Into Sex Ed With Ruby, An iOS App For Women’s Sexual Health

 Glow, the app that aims to help women get pregnant (or not) launched a new iOS app for women’s sexual health today called Ruby. Ruby is similar to the other Glow family of products, but is tailored towards women’s general sexual health as opposed to just reproduction – because, well, there’s a lot more to us than our baby ovens. Sex ed for young women… Read More Read more »

‘Unsettling’ rise in anti-semitic incidents in Britain this year


LONDON — There has been an "unsettling" rise in the number of anti-semitic incidents occurring in Britain so far this year, according to new figures released by an organisation that supports the Jewish community. See also: World's Jewish population may have reached pre-Holocaust level The Community Security Trust, which monitors antisemitism in the UK, said the number of recorded incidents in the first half of the year increased by 53% on the same period last year. The organisation's Antisemitic Incident Report published Thursday says there were 473 recorded incidents compared to 309 in 2014, adding that last year's figure was already an increase from the previous year. The majority of the incidents were recorded in the greater London and greater Manchester areas Read more... More about Uk , Us World , Anti Semitism , and Jewish Community Read more »