Jobandtalent Gets $25M To Steer Its Linguistic Analysis Recruitment Platform Toward The U.S.

 Recruitment startup Jobandtalent, which uses linguistic analysis to alert candidates to jobs they might otherwise have missed, has topped up its Series A funding round with another $25 million — bringing the total to $39 million. Read More Read more »

Microsoft Doubles Down On Office For Android Tablets

 Call it the robot bear hug. Microsoft announced today that its Android hardware manufacturer (OEM) program that sees Office apps pre-installed on new hardware has been expanded to 20 new companies. According to the software company, there are now 31 “partners” in the program. Read More Read more »

Firefox For iOS Begins Its Beta Testing Program

 Mozilla’s Firefox browser for iOS is nearing public release, as the organization is now actively recruiting beta testers willing to try the app ahead of its App Store debut. A recent survey sent to potential testers is asking for details about which devices they own, and instructs them that the beta will require a version of iOS 8 or higher in order to work. It also reminds… Read More Read more »

Handy In Talks To Acquire Homejoy As Home Service Startups Consolidate

 As more startups rush into the business of providing on-demand services for our every consumer need, we’re also seeing an inevitable move to some consolidation. In the latest development, Handy — the on-demand cleaning, plumbing and other home services platform — is in talks to acquire Homejoy, another home services startup that focuses specifically on cleaning. Sources tell… Read More Read more »

Salesforce Pops 3% On Revenue, Earnings Beat In Its FQ1

 Salesforce today reported adjusted profit of $0.16 per share on revenue if $1.51 billion in the first quarter of its fiscal 2016. The market had expected the SaaS firm to report $0.14 in adjusted, per-share profit on revenue of $1.5 billion. Read More Read more »

We’re About To Find Out How Long Rand Paul Can Talk About The NSA

 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been rambling on the Senate floor about National Security Agency surveillance for three hours and counting. In a pseudo-filibuster, the presidential candidate has taken a lengthy tirade against the Patriot Act, which he calls “the most unpatriotic of acts.” The lengthy floor speech comes as several Patriot Act provisions are set to expire on June 1… Read More Read more »

Rumor Has It That Pebble Is On The Rocks Even With $18 Million In The Bank

 Smartwatch maker Pebble seems to be in some trouble. According to sources close to the company, the company is having trouble maintaining its growth and has turned to a Silicon Valley bank for a $5 million loan and $5 million line of credit. Valley VCs have been turning down the company’s requests for new capital. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky offered no comment. The company, which… Read More Read more »

Egnyte Updates Its Enterprise File Sharing Apps, Hits Up The Apple Watch

 Egnyte, a company that focuses on enterprise file sharing, providing an intelligent layer between cloud solutions and on-premises storage, updated its mobile apps today, adding the Apple Watch to its stack. The company’s mobile refresh includes its Android, iOS and Windows apps. Read More Read more »

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Is A Windows-Only Play For Now

 Microsoft has no immediate plans to let its new browser out of Windows 10. The software giant indicated today that it has no current intention of shipping Edge, formerly known as ‘Project Spartan,’ on other platforms. I confirmed the strategy with Microsoft after the announcement. Read More Read more »

CrunchWeek: Reddit Goes Nice, Facebook’s Publishing Push, And Have You Heard Of Verizon?


 Happy Friday friends, and welcome back to another episode of CrunchWeek. This week, camped out on the fourth floor of our office with the CrunchBase crew, Kyle Russell, Sarah Buhr, and your humble supplicant found some red chairs, mics, and shot a show. On the docket: Reddit’s new anti-harassment policies, Facebook’s publishing efforts and, of course, Verizon buying… Read More Read more »