As Google Looks To Expand Wallet Use, WePay Integrates Instant Buy API

 Google is reportedly eyeing up an acquisition of Softcard to expand Google Wallet services to more points of sale with retailers, but it also wants to grow its position in the wider world of mobile-based transactions to compete with the likes of PayPal by way of its Instant Buy API. Originally launched for Android in 2013, today the Instant Buy API is taking a step forward: Google is looking… Read More Read more »

The Reason To Be Cheerful About HoloLens

 With the release of the HoloLens, Microsoft put something out there that has a chance of being transformative. Not in the high concept way, but in a general way especially for gaming. But is Microsoft able to bring it home, or will it get lost in its own ambitions as it has so often before. Read More Read more »

NASA planning Mars Helicopter to assist future rovers


The amount of data and stunning imagery being delivered by NASA's Curiosity rover has given us new insight into Mars, but a new concept vehicle for future missions could dramatically increase our knowledge of the red planet NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has unveiled a concept drone called the Mars Helicopter that would accompany future Mars rovers and act as an aerial drone to assist the rover's research mission See also: Microsoft's HoloLens to help NASA scientists explore Mars As conceived, the drone would fly daily advanced reconnaissance missions to help the rover explore the planet more efficiently by picking the best sites for research based on aerial data. Read more... More about Nasa , Mars , Tech , Gadgets , and Drones Read more »

As Box IPO Surges, Startup Community Reacts

 Box’s IPO was never a normal deal. When Wall Street cooled to tech IPOs last year, especially involving firms that are subscription-based with high customer acquisition costs, the Box offering became the canary in the Wall Street coal mine. The general consensus was that if Box succeeded, other firms could follow, allowing Silicon Valley and its attached investor class to breathe… Read More Read more »

Big Data Startup Antuit Raises $56 Million Led By Goldman Sachs

 It isn’t often that we hear an 18-month-old startup raised $56 million, and less so that the company is based in Asia, but that’s exactly the case for Antuit, a big data company that is headquartered in Singapore. Read More Read more »

Saavn, ‘India’s Spotify’, Reveals It Has 11M Monthly Users And Hires Ex-Google Exec

 It’s looking like 2015 will be a big year for India’s music streaming space. Fresh after Rdio’s arrival in the country, Saavn — a New York based startup that was among the first to cater to India — is pushing its credentials after hiring former Google India executive and startup figure Mahesh Narayanan as its COO. Read More Read more »

Microsoft’s HoloLens: Wireless virtual reality that looks ready for the masses


Near the end of an impressive yet relatively sedate new operating system rollout, Microsoft surprised the tech world with the HoloLens during its Windows 10 event on Wednesday. The headset appears to combine virtual reality, augmented reality and live video to offer a new computing experience See also: 11 on-point reactions to Microsoft HoloLens on Twitter We got the first peek at the headset in a video that resembled many other concept videos, depicting a fantastical holographic future computing reality. But after the video finished, Microsoft showed off the real hardware and a demo of the headset in action as a Microsoft staffer created a holographic drone in mid-air Read more... More about Microsoft , Augmented Reality , Virtual Reality , Tech , and Apps Software Read more »

Live from Microsoft’s Windows 10 consumer event


Microsoft's other Windows 10 shoe is about to drop. Four months after revealing Windows 10 and its enterprise and business focus, Microsoft is finally ready to deliver on the promise of an operating system that "unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect." See also: What to expect at Microsoft's big Windows 10 event Though well over a million people downloaded the first Windows 10 preview build , not much is known, beyond the return of the Start Menu , about how this major update will impact and benefit consumers. That all changes on Wednesday. It's also a good bet that we'll learn more about Windows Phone, Windows gaming and how all the Windows 10-based technology ties together. There may even be some new hardware. The fun begins Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 9 a.m. Read more »