CrunchWeek: Net Neutrality Passes, Pebble Time, Growing Potrepreneurship


 It’s the end of another week in tech and what a week it’s been! The FCC passed new net neutrality regulations and then the Internet exploded. First it was about the net neutrality news, then we quickly turned our attention to some llamas, and soon after that everyone divided over the color of a dress (do we even deserve net neutrality?). In any case, this week, Sarah Buhr, Alex… Read More Read more »

With A $60M Revenue Run Rate, ClassPass May Be The Next Uber

 TechCrunch has secured financial information about ClassPass, the TechStars-backed startup that offers unlimited access to various fitness classes for a flat monthly fee. As it stands now, our sources report that ClassPass is tracking to a $60 million revenue run rate for 2015, a run rate that has doubled in the past three months. Last week alone, the company brought in $1.5 million and this… Read More Read more »

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Apple Watch, Pebble Time, Moto E, And Galaxy S6 Leaks!

 It’s been a busy week. Apple sent out invitations to its Apple Watch event on March 9, and Pebble released its next-gen watch on Kickstarter and raised more than $6 million in half a day. Meanwhile, Motorola released the Moto E smartphone, and photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 reportedly leaked this week. Read More Read more »

Google Unveils Plans For Flexible, Biodome-Like Headquarters In Mountain View

 Google just unveiled plans for a new headquarters in Mountain View that looks like a series of canopies or even almost geodesic-dome like formations. This is the first time the company has designed and built offices from scratch, and it’s partnering with Bjarke Ingels at BIG and Thomas Heatherwick at Heatherwick Studio, which will lead to a better way of working. Instead of very… Read More Read more »

YC-Backed YesGraph Raises A Million To Build A Better Referral System For Mobile Apps

 When launching a new consumer application, especially those in the social space, many developers today rely on an invite mechanism that has the app’s initial user base reaching out and recommending the app to their friends. But today, these invite systems are often fairly basic – they connect to a phone’s address book and then force the user to sift through their hundreds… Read More Read more »

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Blockchain Or Bitcoin?

 Hello and welcome back to another edition of TCBTC, TechCrunch’s very own bitcoin podcast hosted by your humble servant and John Biggs. This week week we chewed over the importance of both bitcoin and the blockchain, and how they are more linked than some people seem to wish. You can’t mine for free after all. Read More Read more »

Nostalgia Overload: Toejam And Earl’s Creator Is Kickstarting A Sequel

 Remember Toejam and Earl? It’s the game that taught the Sega Genesis-owning kids of the early 90s the value of a funky fresh bass track. Now it’s back — that is, assuming enough people throw money at it on Kickstarter. Read More Read more »

Congress Snipes And Gripes On Eve Of Net Neutrality Vote

 It’s net neutrality eve, putting both Washington and Silicon Valley on collective edge. To some extent. In service to you, I awoke early this morning so that I could tune into a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the issue of net neutrality. However, the discourse was so dull, containing as far as I could tell the precise same talking points that have become rote through… Read More Read more »

Medium Goes After Tumblr With Changes That Encourage Shorter Posts

 Only a month ago, Tumblr upgraded its writing interface to better compete with newer blogging platform Medium, best known for its long-form content. Today, Medium is turning the tables and moving into Tumblr’s territory instead with a series of changes that encourage writers to share stories of any length – even shorter posts and incomplete thoughts. Read More Read more »

Gmail’s Autocomplete Is Suggesting The Wrong Addresses

 Over the last few days, a number of venture capital and startup folk have come forward with complaints ranging from mild frustration to furious anger regarding an autocomplete bug in Gmail’s recipient field. Read More Read more »