The Future Of Consumer Marketing Is Personal

 Today’s marketing industry is a long way from achieving its end-game of a system that delivers the perfect creative through the best medium at the optimal moment to each individual audience member. To move toward that vision, the industry is evolving from an impression-centric paradigm to a user-centric paradigm. Read More Read more »

You’re Still Modeling Growth Incorrectly

 When I first got the job running marketing at Mint, founder and CEO Aaron Patzer told me that we had to get Mint to 100,000 users within six months of launching. The number itself didn’t intimidate me: Before Mint, I had been Facebook employee No. 30. I’d witnessed crazy, exponential user growth first-hand. The difference was that at Mint, we were pre-product and certainly… Read More Read more »

TapHeaven Promises True Automation For Mobile Advertisers

 The pitch for TapHeaven might sound a little familiar. Co-founder and CEO Chris Hoyt said his technology delivers truly automated ad-buying. What makes TapHeaven more than just another ad startup that talks a big game about its technology? Well, it says it’s actually delivering big results with its first dozen pilot partners — many of them, Hoyt said, have seen their user… Read More Read more »

Hacking Diversity In Tech By Emphasizing Retention

 Conversations around diversity in tech often focus on the “pipeline” and getting more people from underrepresented groups through the door. But that’s just a first step. The next, most critical step is retention. There’s no point in a company using its resources to hire a diverse people if they’re not going to offer them an environment that is both supporting… Read More Read more »

Disruption In Healthcare Could Be Costly

 Entrepreneurs are giving the healthcare industry a much-needed injection of innovation. Enthusiasm for new ideas and solutions in healthcare is clear from the 200 percent growth in funding for digital health companies between 2010 and 2014. Digital health companies received a record-breaking $4.1 billion in funding in 2014, and more than $600 million in the first quarter of 2015. Read More Read more »

Chewse’s Tracy Lawrence on Raising Your First Round As A Female Founder

 Right before Tracy Lawrence went into fundraising mode for her catering startup Chewse last year, she cut off her hair. She didn’t know it at the time, but later upon reflection, she thought it might have been a subconscious choice in trying to improve her odds. “I found I was trying to play it androgynous,” she said. “But it didn’t work, because I wasn’t… Read More Read more »

Gillmor Gang LIVE 08.01.15

 Gillmor Gang – Frank Radice, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session has concluded for today. LIVE chat Center chatroom during LIVE broadcast HERE Gillmor Gang on Facebook Our sister show, G3, on Facebook G3’s archives on Ustream. Find all their shows HERE Read More Read more »

Twitter’s Homepage Over The Years

 If you’re a heavy Twitter user, you probably don’t see the homepage much…no, not your timeline, the that shows up when you’re logged out. If other people didn’t talk about it, I probably wouldn’t notice a change. But there have been many over the years. Its current iteration, making its worldwide debut this week, reminds me of YouTube’s… Read More Read more »

JustTheBell Is Just The Bell

 Sleeping with a cellphone in your room is, according to scientists who aren’t real, akin to sleeping with a radioactivity-emitting sleeplessness machine. That’s why artist and designer Ignasi Giro made JustTheBell. This box is quite literally just a bell. Read More Read more »

ScopeAR Beams An Expert To You Through Augmented Reality

 Everyone needs an expert sometimes; a helping hand to point you in the right direction so you can get the job done. Maybe you’re a mechanic working on an exotic car. You know everything there is to know about cars in general — but only a handful of people really know this car. Alas, they’re all on the other side of the planet. Read More Read more »