ZIRX, An On-Demand Valet And Car Services Startup, Adds Three Former Googlers To Its Team

 Over the last year, three people have jumped ship from Google and landed at ZIRX, an on-demand valet and car services startup. The recent new hires include Christopher Knape, Jo Hainsworth and Richard Magee. Knape, who spent five years leading analytics and business development at Google Play and YouTube, joined ZIRX in April as head of consumer products. Hainsworth, who worked in consumer… Read More Read more »

Watchwith Raises $8M For Its In-Program Video Ads


 Watchwith, a startup offering an alternative to the standard pre-roll and mid-roll ads that delay or interrupt online videos, has raised $8 million in Series B funding. The company says its technology can analyze the content of a video, then use that data to find the right moments to place “interactive overlay” ads. So instead of interrupting a video, these ads just sit… Read More Read more »

Pseudo-Therapy Apps: The Fad Diet Of Mental Health


 Psychotherapists help people discover the root cause of symptoms like anxiety and depression by bringing attention to issues and patterns that may lie outside of awareness. These things may be difficult to recognize or acknowledge on your own. Psychotherapy helps you question the status quo and, if you want to, change it. However, psychotherapy takes work — it’s not a quick fix. Read More Read more »

The ‘Tinder for fighting’ app turns out to be a lie


The first rule of fight club, apparently, is that there isn't really a fight club You may have seen a number of reports in the last few days on a startup called Rumblr. Best described as "Tinder for fighting," it supposedly allowed you to connect with random strangers for street fights In fact, the three guys behind the app were all lying to reporters See also: Widely loathed Peeple app mysteriously goes into hibernation Scheduled for release at 5 p.m. on Monday, the app was in fact just a website to promote the group's efforts to launch a consulting company. The company did at least go through motions of making a demo version of the app on the website Read more... More about Media , Apps , Hoax , Marketing , and Tech Read more »

Overstock.com Down 6% On 3rd-Quarter Earnings


 Overstock.com reported third quarter earnings after the bell Monday. The Utah-based discount e-tailer reported a quarterly loss of 8 cents per share or $2.1 million, down from $1.6 million in profit last year. Overstock brought in $391.2 million in revenue, an 11% increase year-over-year, but beneath the Yahoo Finance analyst estimate of $401.6 million. A 9% increase in total orders coupled with… Read More Read more »

Snapchat Reaches 6 Billion Daily Videos Views, Tripling From 2 Billion In May

 On the heels of Facebook’s announcement last week that they had surpassed 8 billion daily video views, Snapchat confirmed to the FT over the weekend that users of the ephemeral messaging app were now watching 6 billion videos every day. What’s really notable about this latest reveal is how damn quickly it seems like video is taking off for Snapchat even though it’s been… Read More Read more »

Airbnb Safety Practices Challenged By Story Of A Father’s Death


 Journalist Zak Stone recently published a gripping, thought-provoking account of his father’s death while staying at an Airbnb rental in Texas. As told by Stone, his family was staying together for Thanksgiving when his father decided to try the rope swing in the yard. The tree trunk that the swing was tied to snapped in half, “immediately ending most of his brain… Read More Read more »

NBA star Steph Curry joins list of Apple iPhone celebrity endorsers


Add NBA champion Stephen Curry to the list of celebrities joining the Apple endorsement team The Golden State Warriors guard and reigning league MVP showed up in a new Apple ad posted on Sunday showing off his well known shooting skills while demonstrating the slow motion playback abilities of the iPhone 6S In addition to the Curry appearance, the clip also features demonstrations of the smartphone's improved 12MP iSight camera and new Live Photos feature Along with Curry’s spot, Apple also posted two more commercials featuring actor Jamie Foxx, who made his first Apple ad appearance last week . This time, Foxx is paired with Siri, alternately flirting with the digital assist in “Crush,” and then using the software to choose a script using Siri’s “flip a coin” feature (which has been around for several years). Read more... More about Marketing , Iphone , Apple , Nba , and Siri Read more »

The Eora 3D Scanner Can Capture The Very Soul Of An Object


 Primitive cultures like my family believe that 3D scanning steals the essence of a person which is why we do not allow binocular vision in my home. The Eora 3D scanner, however, is allowed because it takes 3D scans using a device that is surprisingly simple yet exceedingly complex and only uses one camera. Created by Rahul Koduri and Asfand Khan of Sydney, Australia the project came about… Read More Read more »

How Attackers Could Send Your Smartphone To An Early Grave


 A rare genetic disorder called progeria that causes symptoms of old age to manifest in the young has been popularized in books and movies such as Jack, a film that featured Robin Williams as a boy who aged four times faster than normal, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on a story said to be inspired by the disorder. Researchers at NYU have published a paper showing how to… Read More Read more »