Lottery ad beckons: Win a lot of cash and lead an authentic life


What would you do if a giant pot of cash dropped into your lap, courtesy of a winning lottery ticket? Quit your job,? Buy a yacht? Make it rain? How about searching for your truth, paying it forward and leading an authentic life? While those are seemingly disparate notions, a new digital ad campaign for the California Lottery brings them together, subtly, in six short films about state residents prevailing over long odds, giving back to their communities and leaving indelible marks on others. There’s nary an oversized check or an overjoyed new millionaire in this bunch of videos, which represent a fairly radical departure from traditional advertising in the lottery category David & Goliath , the indie L.A Read more »

Facebook, Google, Apple and others urge Supreme Court to back gay marriage


Big business thinks gay marriage is good business. Nearly 400 companies have signed on to an amicus brief uring the Supreme Court to support gay marriage ahead of a hearing on the issue scheduled for late April. See also: If you think interviewing for a job is hard, try doing it pregnant The list of companies includes household names like Coca-Cola, Barnes & Noble, Comcast and Delta as well as tech heavyweights like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter , just to name a few. "Employees with partners of the same sex should be permitted to marry if they so choose, and then should be treated identically to their married heterosexual counterparts," wrote Morgan Lewis, the law firm that filed the brief on behalf of the 379 businesses. "State laws that require otherwise impose a significant burden on us and harm our ability to attract and retain the best employees. Read more... Read more »

Designing Animation For Mobile

 It’s easy to forget that it was only eight years ago that the first iPhone introduced the world to the idea that you could actually touch software. Graphically, the UI was filled with gradients, textures, and bevels that referenced real world objects to make the user interface look touchable and familiar — a term that we call skeuomorphism. Read More Read more »

YC-Backed Valor Water Helps Utilities Keep The Water Running

 Disrupt Battlefield finalist Valor Water is graduating out of Y Combinator just in time to help solve the world’s water crisis. Valor provides a suite of business-intelligence tools for water utilities. In a drought, consumers are encouraged to conserve water and they often do. In California this past December, conservation was up from 10 percent in November to 22 percent in December,… Read More Read more »

Sony Does A Tablet With An Add On Bluetooth Keyboard

 Sony isn’t done with mobile hardware yet, despite its recent talk of an exit strategy from smartphones. Here at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona it’s showing off a new 10.1 inch Android tablet, the Xperia Z4, coming this June, and a new mid-tier 4G/LTE smartphone, the Xperia M4 Aqua — its first octa-core 64-bit smartphone. Read More Read more »

SpaceTech Is Venture Capital’s Final Frontier

 Venture-backed companies like SpaceX, Skybox, Planet Labs, Rocket Lab and O3B disrupt the aerospace industry with faster, cheaper, better products. Unencumbered by government bureaucracy, this new breed of enterprise can move quickly, attract the best talent with equity ownership, and take calculated design risks that government contractors cannot afford to. Read More Read more »

No, Magic Can’t Deliver A Tiger

 Earlier this week, as Re/Code’s Jason Del Rey was trying to procure a chicken parmesan via text, we were trying to procure a tiger via text. “You want a tiger delivered? Just text the details and Magic’s got you covered,” read the lede of the VentureBeat article about nascent on-demand startup Magic. Read More Read more »

CrunchWeek: Net Neutrality Passes, Pebble Time, Growing Potrepreneurship


 It’s the end of another week in tech and what a week it’s been! The FCC passed new net neutrality regulations and then the Internet exploded. First it was about the net neutrality news, then we quickly turned our attention to some llamas, and soon after that everyone divided over the color of a dress (do we even deserve net neutrality?). In any case, this week, Sarah Buhr, Alex… Read More Read more »