DIY Disruption Is The Easiest Way To Innovate

 Last month I attended the Collision conference in Las Vegas; it served up a hipster/music festival feel with a decidedly tech twist. The event welcomed old-school headliners like PayPal, Dropbox and Facebook, but also brought in hundreds of tech startups, from cloud management vendor CloudBolt to MedYear, a consumer health information exchange platform. The vibe was electric. Read More Read more »

Arcade Dreams

 Summer always makes me think of the 7-11 at the end of East Lakeview in Columbus, Ohio. I was about eight. My grandmother took us there every week to get comic books, which were near the front window, by the counter. In the back corner, in darkness, was a Star Wars stand up arcade game. On the day it first appeared it bleated a snippet of the Star Wars theme and my ears perked up. It took a… Read More Read more »

So About That Whole Tech-Eating-Jobs Thing

 The argument seems compelling, the logic inescapable. As hardware doubles its density every 18-24 months, courtesy of Moore’s Law, and as software eats the world, technology will replace a broad swathe of jobs outright–from burger-flippers to physicians–and networks will atomize many others from full-time positions into gigs performed by many fungible workers. Tech, in… Read More Read more »

Your life needs Fuzzberta the guinea pig


Step aside, cats and dogs — the guinea pigs are cornering Instagram's cuteness market. Take for example, Fuzzberta P. Jones, or just Fuzzberta for short. She's a 2-year-old guinea pig from Pacifica, California and the human behind her account, Monica Wu, is a graphic designer "The P stands for Pikachu," Wu tells Mashable . "It used to stand for 'pee' because every time we took her out of the cage, she'd pee herself and often on me." See also: Professor BooBoo Is Here to School the Internet A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on Jul 1, 2015 at 3:32pm PDT Wu says that she loved the idea of creating "tiny handmade analog worlds within the confines of a rectangular photograph." Read more... More about Cute Animals , Instagram , Watercooler , Pics , and Guinea Pigs Read more »

Experiential Commerce Is The Next Billion-Dollar Opportunity For Developers

 Technology has transformed entire industries over the past decade, from travel and transportation to media and real estate. While commerce has enjoyed some innovation, its transformation is far from over. The next frontier is “Commerce Everywhere,” which blends online and offline experiences to let you make purchases wherever and whenever you want. Read More Read more »

John Sculley On Drawing The Mac Phone For Steve Jobs


 We had a chance to sit down with the founders of Zeta Interactive — John Sculley and David Steinberg — last week to talk a bit about their online marketing service. But Sculley isn’t just known for that company, or the ones that came just before it where he worked with Steinberg. He also had a stint running Apple, coming from running Pepsi in the middle of its… Read More Read more »

Startup Sues A Domain Name Owner To Grab A 16-Year-Old URL

 Jason Kneen is a programmer and happens to own about a hundred domain names picked up over a sixteen year period. One of those,, he purchased in 1999 and it has been available on his site for years. In late April 2014 a company, OfficeLinks, approached him about buying the domain for use as a URL for their co-working space. @jasonkneen @hjmehta Jason: We're sorry about… Read More Read more »

Uber Suspends UberPOP In France Following Turmoils And Arrests

 Transportation company Uber just announced in an interview with Le Monde that it will be suspending UberPOP in France tonight at 8pm. The news follows a difficult week for the company. Last Thursday, anti-Uber protests turned to guerrilla warfare as taxi drivers flipped over and burnt Uber cars. On Monday, two Uber France leaders were taken into custody following an unrelated investigation. Read More Read more »

Sphericam 2 Is A 4K 360-Degree Camera Built For The VR Era

 One of the main issues with current 360-degree VR technology is that a successful experience typically requires a user to have both creation and consumption devices. While companies like Oculus and Samsung have begun to bring VR consumption devices to market, there is still a lack of consumer-targeted cameras that are capable of creating 360-degree VR compatible video. Recently launched… Read More Read more »