Samsung sends out invites to ‘Unpacked’ event to debut Galaxy S7


It looks like we'll know soon enough how many of those Galaxy S7 rumors were true as invitations to Samsung's "Unpacked" event have been sent, according to Android Central The event will happen on Sunday, February 21 in Barcelona, Spain, a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress, which is held in the same city. See also: Samsung's Galaxy S7 could look almost exactly like the Galaxy S6 The announcement follows similar moves in 2015 and 2014 when Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy incarnations just ahead of or at the beginning of the MWC main event So far, there are plenty of rumors to go on. Several of those indicate that, physically, the Galaxy S7 could look an awful lot like the Galaxy S6. Read more... More about Samsung , Smartphone , Smartphones , Mobile World Congress , and Tech Read more »

Why Seattle’s Ridesharing And Taxi Unionization Measure Misses The Mark

The Seattle City Council recently passed a first-in-nation local ordinance that seeks to allow ridesharing and taxi drivers to unionize and collectively bargain. The city is trying to solve a problem created under federal law that doesn’t permit companies to provide benefits and protections to independent contractor workers like private for-hire drivers. Read More Read more »

Box Marketing SVP Whitney Bouck Announces She Is Moving On


 Five years ago Whitney Bouck joined Box from EMC Documentum to teach them a thing or two about the enterprise. Today she announced she was leaving the company. Her last day at Box is today. In an interview with FierceContentManagement right after she joined the company, she likened the experience at Box with her early days at enterprise content management vendor Documentum.… Read More Read more »

This Smart Harness Tells Owners How Their Guide Dogs Are Feeling


 Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a device that notifies users if their guide dogs are distressed or sick. Because dogs usually express illness or stress through their breathing, posture, and heart rate it can be difficult for blind or otherwise disabled folks to tell when they’re not feeling well. This device measures the dog’s breathing and heart rate… Read More Read more »

The ‘female Viagra’ goes on sale today, though fears persist about its dangers


Today, October 17, a new drug will be available to fight low libido in women: Addyi, known as the "female Viagra." But it comes with strings attached: a history of regulatory rejections, concerns about its effectiveness, daily dosage, and potentially fearsome effects when combined with alcohol A magic bullet, it's not While Addyi has been hailed as a huge step forward in enabling and accepting women to express their sexuality by increasing the urge to have sex, it has vocal scientific critics who have decried its side effects and lack of testing on women. One major bone of contention: its safety assurances rely on a study that included only two women out of 25 patients — 6 of whom suffered "severe adverse reactions" including dizziness, low blood pressure, and passing out after taking the drug along with a lot of alcohol Read more... More about Business , Advertising , Addyi , Female Viagra , and Sprout Pharmaceuticals Read more »

Congress proves it’s now impossible to talk sanely about abortion


When Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards testified before Congress on Tuesday, she had to politely remind the Republicans questioning her that abortion is indeed a legal medical procedure in the United States Many of them clearly believe it should be illegal and barely concealed their contempt for Richards, the nonprofit organization she leads and the practice of terminating a pregnancy before it is viable See also: Congressmen mansplain women's health issues to Planned Parenthood president Richards' opponents draw passionate conviction from having watched highly-edited, "undercover" videos of Planned Parenthood officials talking about legal fetal tissue research donation programs, and have charged the organization with "trafficking" in the sales of body parts belonging to unborn children Read more... More about Politics , Congress , Us World , Us , and Abortion Read more »

Pope Francis as ‘Rocky’ is all you need to celebrate the papal visit


On Saturday morning, New York City bid farewell to His Holiness as Pope Francis headed south to Philadelphia. There's no better way to welcome the Pope to the city of brotherly love than to pay tribute to another Philly icon: Rocky Balboa. See also: Pope Francis comes to America: Follow his trip This clip from Vine user PopeIsHope is very real, definitely not edited footage of Pope Francis's Philly arrival [H/T: Rob Tornoe ] BONUS: The 5 biggest moments from Pope Francis' speech to Congress Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more... Read more »

How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley


 Twelve years after filing for U.S. residency, I finally took the oath of citizenship in a quaint suburban theater, having spent seven of those prime entrepreneurship years mired in the Green Card queue. This wait damages the entrepreneurship spirit and, worse, impacts career prospects, thereby crimping the economy. Our immigration system hinders entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity. Read More Read more »

Tech CEOs Call On The House To Move Its Ass On Patent Reform

 Today the CEOs of Yelp, Yahoo, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Rackspace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Gilt, and Etsy wrote a letter to leaders of the House of Representatives, pressing the politicians to pass a patent-reform bill called the Innovation Act of 2015 “this summer.” Read More Read more »