Telecoms open shop on Madison Avenue, but will brands buy?


 Many companies have transformed and realigned their focus with great success. Avon transitioned from peddling books door-to-door to marketing beauty products. Wrigley started as a soap and baking soda company. IBM originally sold massive mainframe computers and calculators. Now, telecom companies are making similar pivots into a lucrative industry. The battle du jour is about customer data… Read More Read more »

This Week On Bullish: The Rise Of American Ecommerce


 Hello and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This episode matters a bit more to me than usual, as it is the last week that I will host. After an amazing few years at TechCrunch, I’m changing jobs, which will make it ever so slightly harder to come in every week and put on the show. All that aside, this week we dug into the American ecommerce market, a fine topic… Read More Read more »

The Disrupt London 2015 Battlefield Finalists Are Jukedeck, Lystable, MAX, And Yoobic


 Disrupt London Day One was a smashing success, and included speaking appearances from Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, former Arsenal footballer; and sports broadcaster Thierry Henry (yep, there was plenty of football on our stage); Postmates’ Bastian Lehmann; and a host of investors from Sonali De Rycker and Andy McLoughlin to David Hornik. Read More Read more »

WikiLeaks Posts Classified Documents From CIA Director John Brennan’s AOL Account


 WikiLeaks on Wednesday posted documents allegedly from CIA director John Brennan’s email account, including Brennan’s application for security clearance and papers about U.S. torture policy. The documents come after a teenage hacker says he breached Brennan’s AOL email account. The hacker told Wired that he did so by pretending to be a Verizon worker and tricking another… Read More Read more »

Top Five Verizon Commercials

 In honor of our recent joyous union, I present the top five Verizon commercials that I was able to find in about 10 minutes. It should be noted that I have never had Verizon service — mostly because they had awful international coverage for most of the decade. I also think I pissed off their PR person once a long time ago and I haven’t actively covered them since 2010 or so.… Read More Read more »

AOL, Adobe, Salesforce Among 30 US Companies Said To Be Violating EU Data Transfer Deal


 Thirty US companies — including software giant Adobe, TechCrunch owner AOL and SaaS CRM purveyor — have been identified as in probable violation of a EU-US agreement aimed at safeguarding personal data transfers in a complaint filed with the FTC by US consumer privacy rights NGO the Center for Digital Democracy. Read More Read more »

AOL’s New Ad Platform Tries to Break the Digital Spending Ceiling


AOL is taking a new approach to attracting the ad dollars that have stubbornly avoided the digital market — if you can't beat 'em, make 'em join you. The company is rolling out a new ad buying platform called One, which will attempt to offer marketers a one-stop shop for all display needs, including television. One integrates display ad inventory across every type of device with data analytics features to create an advanced programmatic ad system that automates much of the process. See also: Every Terrible Ad Cliché You've Ever Seen in One Genius Video The platform is essentially a marriage of numerous advertising efforts that AOL has been developing for some time: the efficiency of programmatic ad buying technology, the analytics that give near real-time information on performance and a renewed emphasis on both online and linear television. Read more... More about Aol , Business , Advertising , Media , and Programmatic Ad Buying Read more »

AOL Is Shutting Down AOL Music And Firing Staff Who Are Live-Tweeting The Bloodbath

While there’s still few details and no official announcement, AOL is shutting down its AOL Music news properties and is firing their employees, according to tweets from the official AOL Music site Spinner’s account and some staff. Poor performance due to competition from independent bloggers may be to blame. However, reports indicate Winamp, SHOUTcast, and flagship music blog Spinner may survive. AOL Music operates a variety of music news websites for different genres, the SHOUTcast Internet radio site, and the historic Winamp player it acquired in 2009 along with Spinner in a $400 million acquisition of Nullsoft. Here’s how the pink slips flew this morning. First, Spinner tweeted: ” @Spinner : All of AOL Music is shutting down Read more »

Coders Can’t Put Writers Out Of A Job Yet, But We’d Better Watch Our Backs

Last week The New York Times ran a story by John Markoff about robots replacing human workers. Andrew McAfee, co-author of the excellent Race Against The Machine followed up with a post of his own . The gist: technology and automation lead to more job creation than job displacement in the past, but that may be changing Read more »